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Call on your local reticulation specialist in Perth – Rapid Retic for all your retic-related repair needs. Our team’s expertise lies in diagnosing and resolving issues concerning retic systems on residential lawns and gardens. While we know many of our clients manage their retic water systems on their own, there are times when a little professional consultation is needed.

There could be busted or cracked pipes that need fixing, or the addition of new plants on the lawn now requires existing sprinklers or nozzles to be adjusted or replaced. Older pipes may have expired and now need to be replaced or patched up by a professional. There may be broken or blocked solenoid valves that require maintenance on the lawn or garden. There may even be faulty wiring that calls for underground wire repairs across the yard.

Other Common Retic Repair Issues include:

  • Equipment failure, such as the pop-ups or nozzles
  • Faulty bore pumps
  • Defunct Controller that needs to be re-programmed or replaced entirely

We offer replacement retic systems that are easy-to-maintain, durable and minimize water wastage. Our experienced repairs team member will draw up a design to prevent issues like dead patches, blockage by debris, varying sprinkler pressure or wear & tear due to routine gardening activity.

Rapid Retic also offers a pre-season servicing for those homeowners or property owners who plan to go away on holiday before the heat sets in. Our clients can book an annual servicing appointment months in advance and rest easy about repair concerns. Our team will assess the repair work needed and will take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

You can contact Rapid Retic to take advantage of our free estimation offer for your new lawn and garden. With decades of experience behind us, Rapid Retic’s installation and repair team has seen almost all the possible combination of issues concerning reticulation. We take pride in being able to provide the most affordable yet sustainable repair solutions for our clients’ lawns and gardens.


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