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Here at Rapid Retic we strongly believe in the saying that ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’; meaning that we advocate year-round preventative maintenance services for our client’s lawns. Most repair work related to Reticulation water systems could have be prevented by getting the sprinklers, nozzles or pop-ups cleaned out in time. Something as simple as a pop-up close to the driveway can get damaged by a car tire; if not fixed immediately, this can cause the pop-up to water unevenly or stop working completely. As time goes on, a minor repair can snowball into a costly, system-wide investigation to source the primary fault.

Rapid Retic’s Reticulation Maintenance Services Include:

  • Checks, Adjustments and Re-programming of Controllers
  • Pre-summer Servicing for entire Reticulation System
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Visits for Reticulation Systems

Finding and repairing faulty solenoid wires in the lawn
Perth summers are known for reaching high temperatures, and that extreme heat pose a serious threat to plants and lawns if they are not properly hydrated. We take the worry out of facing the hot summers with a vulnerable lawn by offering pre-summer servicing for installed reticulation systems. Our regularly scheduled servicing will make sure that there are no clogs or faults in the sprinkler system, long before the heat wave sets in.

The size of your garden or lawn is irrelevant – we take on any job, big or small, as long as we can satisfy our client’s requirements for retic maintenance. Spare future expenses and save your plants by signing up for a routine retic maintenance by Rapid Retic today. Call us on the phone or book a free assessment visit through the contact form given below.



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