Opt for Rapid Retic to install a quality, high-tech reticulation system and say good-bye to watering the yard for hours on end. We offer automated, water-wise reticulation systems that not only conserve rain water but maintain your lawn while you carry on with work or play.

No need to rack up neighbourly debt by asking Mr. Reid, your next door neighbour, to water the lawn while you visit Sydney for the weekend. With the installation of a water-wise reticulation system by Rapid Retic, your lawn is well-taken care of. The pre-programmed controller will ensure that the adequate amount of water hydrates the garden at the pre-set times. Reticulation systems are definitely the more efficient option for premium lawn maintenance. Call Rapid Retic today to book a free consultation visit.

We can even provide a quote for a house under construction- no need to wait for the house to be complete. All you have to do is drop us an email with the house or site plan and a mud map. Make sure the site plan has all the dimensions clearly marked. A mud map outlines the exact locations of the lawn, garden beds and wherever else reticulation is needed. You must also include details of a water pressure test and a flow test from the construction site. We can offer an estimate for reticulation installation after we receive your email and all the previously mentioned details.


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