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Our team is equipped with the latest technology to provide a complete diagnosis of your residential or commercial property’s reticulation requirements. Rapid Retic has a dedicated team of technicians as well as an estimator who will visit your lawn or garden to assess water system needs for new installations. Our team is ready to answer booking calls as soon as possible!

After booking a visit with Rapid Retic, one of our team will inspect your lawn or garden. The primary purpose of the inspection services is check to see if the pre-existing reticulation system is underperforming and providing low water pressure due to a fault in wiring or perhaps a leak in the underground piping.
Wire faults may be due to underground wiring that has aged or poor wiring that has caused the controllers to malfunction. Our team will diagnose whether spot-by-spot repairs can be made or whether the entire retic system will have to be re-wired.

Sometimes the problem is a sloppy retic system installation by the previous owners of the property. At other times, we have to locate burst pipes. There are instances where we are called in to locate and repair solenoid or automatic irrigation valves that are blocked by dirt or debris or just corroded away over time.

Our diagnosis services also includes the location of underground wire tracing and repairs needed on the lawn or garden. The technician may recommend an entire rehaul of a pre-existing retic system that will replace all broken pop-up fixtures with more filtered, water-wize nozzles that provide better ground coverage while minimising water wastage. At Rapid Retic, we take steps to quickly assess the challenge at hand and provide our clients with the maximum list of affordable options for their lawn or garden.


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