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Rapid Retic Perth Controllers

Rapid Retic offers controllers replacement services for lawns and gardens throughout Perth and its surrounding areas.

We install only the best brands in weatherproof controllers, such as Hydrawise, Rainbird or Hunter. All most all the controllers are designed to retain pre-programmed watering schedules, despite repeated power failures.
Automated controllers, basically irrigation controllers, can be operated from your laptop, desktop or smartphone – all you need to do is install the application and connect to the internet. We can monitor and make adjustments to the application from a linked program installed on our office computer. You can program multiple watering schedules with over 7 different starting times to best suit the requirements of your commercial or residential garden. The controller can also manage the drip system installations. Drippers and shrublers are meant to provide the adequate amount of water without wasting any on grass or weeds surrounding the plants.

Any faulty wires or broken nozzles are detected by the hi-tech controller and an email is sent to the client. All alerts are also sent to our office so our team can head out to the site to provide instant repairs. The automated controller app also sends an email alert when there is over-consumption of water in the lawn so the client can avoid a hefty water bill. Tracking water usage from the ease of your smartphone – what more could an eco-friendly individual want!

Our team can assess a faulty controller in your lawn, and recommend whether it needs to be replaced or just reprogrammed for proper lawn maintenance. We can do it all, including controller installation and repair, all you have to do is get in touch!
Rapid Retic’s team can adjust pre-existing watering and sprinkler timings to reflect the seasonal changes or alterations in the placement of plants in the garden.

Rapid Retic team can update the pre-existing controllers to the latest technology to maximize our client’s convenience in premium lawn maintenance. We take pride in providing efficient reticulation and repair services at affordable rates for the residents of Perth.



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