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Rapid Retic Perth

Rapid Retic is a local, Perth-based Reticulation Installation, Repairs and Maintenance services provider. Our owner-operated business has many years of experience in working with various gardens and landscape types for both residential and commercial properties throughout Perth.

From answering a query call to fixing a sprinkler leak or installing a retic water system – Rapid Retic Perth is recognised by its commitment to prompt customer service and affordable services, every single time.

Water reticulation solutions

Reticulation systems fitted by Rapid Retic are durable and long lasting, we use quality parts from renowned suppliers. Our customers do not have to set reminders about watering days or sprinkler schedules as every system is automated. Your plants and lawn will be watered on schedule, without you having to disrupt your routine or rush back early from holiday.

Our Reticulation Installation Services include:

  • Rain sensors and weather-wise controllers
  • Dripper systems
  • Universal spray systems
  • Rotary nozzle systems
  • Solar systems, manual systems, automatic and battery-operated retic systems

Our Reticulation Repair Services include:

  • Fixing burst pipes
  • Adjusting and replacing sprinklers
  • Pipe replacement and repairs
  • Replacing solenoid valves
  • Underground wire repairs


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Our Company

Our team takes full care to meet industry standards while installing a new retic system or while doing repairs to a pre-existing system on a client’s property. All of our technicians have completed their training via the irrigation association and regularly update their knowledge through proper channels. The professional installation by Rapid Retic will include installing the retic system, as well as coordination with any other services team for tasks like electrical, plumbing, bore drilling and more.

We offer free estimates and quotes for new projects for lawns and gardens throughout Perth, North and South. All of our projects are backed by the guarantee that not only will your lawn look its very best, but you will gain massive savings in both time and money.

Rapid Retic lives up to its name by delivering on swift response time to all client inquiries – whether by phone, text message or email.